Vehicle Servicing and Mechanical Repairs

At Brown's Garage, our experienced team can carry out all major mechanical repairs and basic servicing for all makes and models of vehicle. Is your car due for its next logbook service? Don't stress, the expert team at Brown's Garage can also do all manufacturers logbook servicing. Contact us today to book in your car.

We also offer:

  • Service and logbook servicing
  • Electronic engine tune up and scan tool testing
  • Cooling System/radiator flushing/replacement/repairs
  • Auto transmission servicing/repairs
  • Power steering flushing/replacement/repairs
  • Clutch replacement and gearbox overhaul/repairs
  • Cylinder head replacement/repairs
  • Brake system repairs/replacement/flushing
  • Suspension and steering inspection/repairs/replacement
  • C.V Joints
  • Injection system flush/repairs
  • Battery testing/replacement

Brake Servicing and Repair

Having working, functional brakes is vital to the safety and efficiency of your car. If not seen to and maintained regularly they can increase your vehicles stopping time resulting in possible serious incidents that can easily be prevented.

The expert team at Brown's Garage has the knowledge and resources to replace brake pads, shoes, drums, rotors and perform a wide variety of other brake services.

Contact the Brake specialists at Brown's Garage today and ask how we can help get your brakes back to new and make sure your as safe as you can be on the road.

Wheel Alignments

Correct alignment is critical for safe vehicle handling and long tyre life. We recommend having a wheel alignment whenever new tyres are fitted to your vehicle and that a wheel alignment is repeated every six months or 10,000kms. If you are not sure how your current tyres are wearing, contact us today and book in for a no-obligation tyre inspection. We use the latest computerized alignment equipment and will provide a full alignment report.

Wheel Balancing

It is important to make sure that your wheels are balanced to ensure a smooth and safe drive at all times. Unbalanced wheels can cause uneven wear on your tyres and can even result in your car pulling to one side, loss of traction on the road and sometimes the steering wheel to vibrate or wobble.

At Brown's Garage we use the latest in computer balancing equipment and guarantee to perfectly balance your wheels so that your drive is as smooth and safe as possible. Contact us today and ask us how we can help you.

Steering and Suspension

The qualified mechanics at Brown's Garage has the knowledge and expertise to carry out all repairs and replacements on all steering and suspension components for all makes and models from the everyday sedan to a 4WD.

We use the best brands for parts, including Monroe Shock Absorbers, which we stock and are installed by our professional mechanics.

Need your vehicle lowered? Our team are able to carry out vehicle lowering, enhancing both performance and appearance. Contact us today and ask how Brown's Garage can help you with any of your steering or suspensions needs.


We stock a large range of brands and sizes of tyres to make sure that we have a tyre that is right for you. If we don't have a tyre for your car we will get hold of the right one quickly. Some of the brands we stock include Toyo Tires, Kumho Tyres, Pirelli, Good Year, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Continental and much more. Contact our expert team today to find out how we can help you.